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Baths and Packeges

Hay bath

Beneficial herbs gathered at an altitude of 1,800 m aid the treatment of muscle spasms and joint pain with a soothing calming effect.

45 min. Euro 52

Evening primrose cream bath

Evening primrose oil, distilled water, urea and base cream promote optimal moisturisation of dry dehydrated skin.

30 min. Euro 53

Mineral oil bath with lotion

This mineral fossil oil stimulates the circulation and has a soothing effect on joint pain.

20 min. Euro 37

Mud and salt bath

The curative properties of mud are due to thermal conduction, and thalasso salt is effective in cases of cellulite with lymph stasis.

30 min. Euro 75

Marc bath

The combination of active ingredients based on grape seeds, rose water, aloe vera, red vine leaves and oak bark leave the skin particularly soft, moisturised and revitalised.

30 min. Euro 59

Mud compress with lotion

Mud has a beneficial effect on the joints and relaxes the muscles.

30 min. Euro 47

Algae compress with lotion

Algae contain oligoelements, vitamins, iodine and mineral salts that stimulate the metabolism and reduce fat.

30 min. Euro 47

Wine and honey compress

The compress of ground grape seeds, honey, wine and a Vinoble body cream with exfoliating effect stimulates cell formation.

60 min. Euro 59