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Body treatment

Vinoble struttura base

Body wrap with essences
Using a special wrapping technique, with essences chosen according to skin structure needs, toxins are eliminated from the body. Vinoble wrapping will improve your silhouette.

Euro 92

Vinoble base de luxe

Body wrap
Stimulates the circulation, tones the skin and detoxifies the tissue.
The fresh mixture prepared on the spot based on marc, grape seed oil, grape body cream and other important elements is applied with a rotating massage action over the whole body. The final wrapping reinforces the effect, and the skin is toned and firmed.

Euro 102

Vinoble sculptant

Body modelling
A special peeling prepares the skin, and the massage with emulsified Sauvignon grape serum body firming cream followed by modelling mask leaves the skin looking great. Skin improvement is visible after the first application.

Euro 110

Vinoble barrique

Marc bath
The combination of active ingredients based on grape seeds, rose water, aloe vera, red vine leaves and oak bark leaves the skin particularly moisturised, toned and revitalised.

Euro 59

Vinoble nobel

Marc bath and massage
This exclusive wine bath begins with a sea salt and grape seed peeling.
The soft-pack bath is rich in Vinoble Barrique - wine bath moisturising essences.
The bath is followed by a special massage with grape seed oil.

Euro 141

Vinoble frizzante

Wine and honey compress
Exclusive compress of precious ground grape seed, honey, wine and a special Vinoble body cream with exfoliating effect which stimulates cell formation. The soft-pack bath creates a pleasant sparkling and refreshing sensation with a firming effect on the skin.

Euro 61

Vinoble purificante

Peeling with sea salt and grape seeds
A purifying body peeling with grape seeds and Dead Sea salt, enabling the skin to absorb more of the precious grape seed oil. The entire body will be stimulated and remoisturised with the grape seed oil and unsaturated fatty acids.

Euro 41

Vinoble granelloso

Body massage with peeling
The body massage stimulates the circulation and the sea salt peeling with grape seeds performs an exfoliating action. The precious Zweigelt grape seed oil is effectively absorbed, giving the whole body a feeling of harmony.

Euro 80

Trattamento coi sacchetti di uva

Treatment with grape seed sachets
This particular massage works in depth. Using the warm grape seed oil, the body is massaged both by hand and with the grape seed sachets along the energy channels with rubbing, stimulating and modelling movements.  The energy is gently distributed with a relaxing energising effect.

Euro 80

Vinoble completion

phase with Duo
Using a special Duo machine with undulating frequency, the active ingredients are better absorbed by the skin and the circulation is effectively stimulated, thus strengthening the tissue.  It is ideal for completing the Vinoble struttura base and struttura de luxe treatments.

Euro 31