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Relaxing massage

An ideal time to forget all your worries, relax and let others take care of you, recharge your batteries and treat yourself to wellness and harmony.

50 min. Euro 72

Aromatic massage

The use of essential oils produces a regenerating calming effect.

50 min. Euro 72

Sports massage

Regenerates the muscles, prevents muscle spasms and increases muscle flexibility.

50 min. Euro 77


Sports massage for legs or back with plantar reflexology

50 min. Euro 82

Myofascial massage

In-depth massage technique, working on the muscle fascia, improves posture and relieves muscle and joint pain.

50 min. Euro 77

Lymphatic drainage Dr. Vodder

draining massage. Acts on the lymphatic circulation, increasing its speed and hence the capacity to absorb liquids in excess. Its function is to collect the waste substances and transport nourishment.

60 min. Euro 80

Partial sports massage

for legs or back.

25 min. Euro 53

Partial relaxing massage

for legs or back.

25 min. Euro 47

Face and scalp massage

relaxing and regenerating effect.

25 min. Euro 47

Face lymphatic drainage

Light slow movements that stimulate the lymphatic circulation, eliminating the toxins

30 min. Euro 54

Child and teenager massage

Hand contact gives the child a sense of security and promotes development.

25 min. Euro 47